Have groceries and fresh produce delivered to your kitchen in 3 easy steps!

  1.  Call (626) 587-1117 and place your order

    • We take your order over the phone
    • No computer or apps necessary unless you prefer to email us your order at YourDedicatedShopper@gmail.com
    • Tell us what market you prefer
  2.  Schedule your delivery

    • Choose a day and time for delivery that is convenient for you
    • Pay for your groceries plus a small delivery fee when you receive your items
  3.  Enjoy

    • We will unpack your groceries and review your order with you
    • We can also assist you with putting your groceries away at your request
    • Your kitchen is now replenished with your favorite products without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Why use Dedicated Shopper?

With Other Grocery Delivery Services With Dedicated Shopper

Better Ordering Experience
  • They take online orders only, which is time-consuming and potentially confusing
  • Changes to your order must be made hours in advance
  • They will not know your preferences and will not call you regarding sales on previously purchased items
  • We take orders over the phone
  • You have your shopper's personal cell phone number, so you can make last-minute changes or additions
  • We will call you while shopping if an item is out of stock or we see a bargain you may be interested in

Better Value
  • They deliver exactly what you ask for, even if not the best deal
  • They have lower delivery fees because they inflate the cost of grocery items, so you end up paying more
  • We take advantage of store specials to get you the best deals
  • You pay what we pay in the store, as shown on your copy of the store receipt
  • We use your coupons

Product Flexibility
  • Online orders require you to specify the exact brand name, size, type, etc.
  • Not all merchandise is available
  • Vons' website states that "...items such as greeting cards, magazines, books, DVDs and stamps are currently excluded from our online selection."
  • Tell us if you want the smallest size, least expensive brand, the "blue bag of potato chips", etc.
  • If the store sells it then we will deliver it
  • We will shop at the store of your choice

Payment Choices
  • They only accept online payments
  • Payment information is required at time of order
  • We accept cash, checks, and credit cards
  • Payment is made at time of delivery